Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An ode to: Many Things MT

Short explenation:
"An ode to" will be a series of posts about concerts I've been to.
Last weekend I went to the Reeperbahnfestival here in Hamburg with my friend Johanna, which is basically the reason why I want to start this whole series since I think just one post about the whole festival wouldn't do the individual artists justice.

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About the Band

London was calling for lead singer Michael Tomlinson after his former band Yves Klein Blue dissolved back in 2010, where he established himself and a new band, Many Things (formerly MT).
They released a song here and there over the course of the last year on their YouTube channel and on Soundcloud and have now finnaly brought out their EP "What We Are" with five bloody amazing tunes while they're alredy working on another album.
While touring with Panic! At the Disco and the Polyphonic Spree as support, MT quickly gathered a fanbase, which defenitely won't be a surprise to you if you have ever heard one of their songs, let alone seen them perform live.
Their song "Alpha Romeo" has all the components an indie-pop anthem needs without being predictable and is one of their more popular tunes. However most literally all of their songs are incredible which is by the way also the title of one of them.
They're catchy, they're different, they're charming and they will be stuck in your head!

What you should see! 



The Concert Experience 


On Saturday night Johanna and I were slightly late to see Many Things because we had been at another concert in an other venue before. Many Things were supposed to play at Molotow, a rather small club which was already backed with people when we arrived.
We tried to make our way thought the back rows since the distribution of human bodies at a concert is usually very uneaven and while everybody is standing impossibly tight in the back nodody seems to venture for the first row. So we pushed trough the crowdin this bloody hot club, till suddenly people started to make room. It was only then when I realised that the lead singer had jumped off the stage , into the crowd during his performance and was standing right next to me. Next thing I new he had his arm around my shoulder and I was on the stage next to him.
I'm not even kidding this has never happened to me before at a concert.
Let's just say it was quite an amazing concert. Now I took photos of every single concert except, you guessed it, MT! But you should check out the video I attached and stay tuned for some festival photography.  




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