Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Forgotten Gardens | Interning in Hamburg

Those of you stalking me on Instagram and Facebook may have noticed that I'm currently in Hamburg. Most of you probably only know that I'm from Germany. Now actually I live in a town called Nuremberg in Bavaria. At the moment however I'm staying far up north in Hamburg for an internship at a post-production studio. 
I've been here for over a month now and I will stay even a little longer, before I go back home to start university in October.

I have to say that Hamburg is a bloody beautiful city. Most of the architecture here is just drop dead gorgeous. But besides that it seems to me that Hamburg is not as pretentiously "cool" as Berlin and people aren't trying as hard or they're just better at it and it doesn't seem as fake. But I might be completely wrong here so feel free to correct me.


The city shows such a huge variety, not only of people but also of places. There are the super expensive upper class places at the super fancy Jungfernstieg and Elbchausse with seriously impressive mansions.


There are the cute little houses at the Elbstrand which are just as expensive but look a lot like they belong to some English pinterest-esque island. Then you have the "hip urban hood" in St.Pauli and Schanzenviertel. And of course just the ordinary neighborhoods a little further away from the center where actual people live. But you can always tell that Hamburg really is the stronghold of the advertisement businesseverybody says it is. There is almost no poster what wasn't perfectly well designed.


Today's post is dedicated to the Elbstrand Area, where all the photos below were taken. It seem so surreal concerning that Hamburg isn't located at the sea. But the Elbe has real beach like feel to it especially on those rare hot and sunny days because you just can't see the other side of this river, it's so broad.


It gets insanely crowded on a sunny Sunday and there are super sporty people running around everywhere. I really like taking a stroll around the cute houses looking at people's front gardens imagining what kind of human beings these people, with their pretty flowers living in these houses might be.


 If you go there, take your camera and force your self out of your bed early it's so much more peacefull early in the morning. However I really want to go there at night as well. It might be wonderful as well.


 I was asked where I get homesick sometimes, basically living on my own for the first time away from my family and friends. Even though this might seem harsh I really don't, which is probably since it is only 2 months that I am away and I know exactly that I wil see them all again soon.


There is something strangely comforting about being alone in such a big city. So many possibilities, so many strangers, so many unknown places. I don't think I could ever live on the country side. There is something so magical and mystical about this living organism of a city. For me driving through the empty sreets of a city early in the morning or late at night is the most calming thing, not quite sure why.



  1. Nice photos:) x

  2. Witzig, das geht mir hier genauso! Am schönsten sind die Londoner Straßen nachts zwischen 2 und 5 Uhr. Wenn der Bus durch die Oxford Street rauscht und die Sonne langsam aufgeht. Wenn sonst überfüllte Straßen einfach nur leer und entspannt da liegen.