Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Ode to: Cats on Trees

Short explenation:
"An ode to" will be a series of posts about concerts I've been to.
Last weekend I went to the Reeperbahnfestival here in Hamburg with my friend Johanna, which is basically the reason why I want to start this whole series since I think just one post about the whole festival wouldn't do the individual artists justice.

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About the Band

Well or should I rather say about the duo? Cause whether you believe it or not it's only two of them who make the sound of cats on trees. It's Nina Goern singing and on the piano and Yohan Hennequin on the rhythms who are responsible for the indie-pop-ish sound of Cats on Trees.
Formed in Toulouse, France in 2007 they took their time to find their style in the purity of only a voice and those two instruments before releasing their first single "Sirens Call" in 2013. The single is part of their self-titled debut Album "Cats on Trees" which followed later that year.
Their newest single is their personal take on the classic love song. "Love You Like a Love Song" really is one of the few love song i would actually "keep on repeat" as she sings because it honestly is "magical, lyrical, beautiful".
Trust me listen to their songs. You will either want to dance or sing along!

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What you should see!


The Concert Experience

We saw Cats on Trees when they performed as part of the Reeperbahn Festival in a venue called Gruenspan. My friend convinced me to go see their performance since she knew and liked some of their songs but I'm surely she was also quite curious because of their name and her love for cats. I have to admit I was slightly confused at first when the only instruments brought on sage were drums and a piano. And even more so when I realized that cats on trees were actually a duo since from what I had head I had expected a proper band of about 5 people. 
However the performance spoke for itself. They don't need a band. The simplicity and purity of their music is sheer mesmerizing. Touching. Beautiful.
Halfway through the concert Nina announced a cover song, asking whether someone knew the movie Donnie Darko (one of my favorite movies). So I knew this was going to be good. And it really was an amazing cover of - jup you guessed right - Mad World by Tears for Fears. They also did a gear cover of Hallo Mrs Jones with an adorable french accent
So If you ever get the chance go and see them live. In the meantime just listen to the songs I listed for you below!

Hamburg 2014_0978n Hamburg 2014_0794nre


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