Friday, October 31, 2014

An Ode to: Hozier

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About the Musician

Have to say, I am rather glad to be writing about this one because I am afraid I would constantly mispronounce this amazingly awesome artists name.
Anyhow Andrew Hozier-Byrne, simply known as Hozier is an irish musician from Bray, County Wicklow. As a blues musician's son he grew up in a rather creative environment, When he was 15 he was in his first band. He started studying music at the Trinity College Dublin, dropped out to be part of the famous irish Anúna choir, So there is definitely some classical music background going on.
He started off as solo artist in 2012 and released his first single Take Me to Church a year later, which reached number one on the Irish iTunes singles chart. Especially the video to go along with the song got viral, taking a stand against homophobia and hate.
This first album - self titled -Hozier was released in September, the cover of it being an artwork by his mother. 

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What you should see!

The Concert Experience

You know how most musician come on stage with a bottle of beer. Now when Hozier came on stage of the Große Freiheit 36 he seem more british than any british musician I had ever seen perform. A cup of tea in the one an his guitar in the other he just seemed like the most likable person. He also appeared to be a very humble, rather shy guy, which made him an even more pleasant person. You could really tell that he puts all of his heart into every single one of his songs which is probably also why absolutely EVERY SINGE song on his album is wonderful. If you are into the Robert Francis-Gotye-Boniver-Mumford&Sons Kind of music with an dramatic twist you sill Probably fall in love just as quickly as I did. When I first listened to one of his songs I had a moment of: "YES! there are still proper, talented musicians out there, thank you!".
I'll do anything necessary to get my hands on tickets for his show in Munich next year believe me and you should do the same in case he ever performs in a town near you!

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