Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An ode to: Max Jury

Hamburg 2014_1159n

About the Singer

This 21 year young lad, started playing piano when he was only six and had written his first song at the age of 13. Originally Max Jury is from Des Moines, Iowa, he went to college for songwriting in Boston at Berklee but he dropped out when he turned a publishing deal with a group in the UK called Marathon. His music - not quite country even thought definitely influenced by it - will make you believe in proper talent again. Timeless songs, definitely no one hit wonder but a very special musician and outstanding singer-songwriter. He gained fans while touring through Europe and supporting Lana Del Ray on her tour. During the Europe-tour it was just him a piano and his guitar (just magical) while he is accompanied by his band touring through the US at the moment.
His first two EPs are a collection of songs he wrote over the last few years and he is currently working on the first album which - I have to say - I'm rather excited about!

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What you should see!

The Concert Experience

I saw Max Jury perform during the Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg in September. He played in an old school-museum which was just a beautiful location. Without any microphone completely acoustic he played all on his own, switching between piano and guitar. I'd say that's when you can tell a good musician, when he dan fascinate an audience as simple as that.
He told a cute little story about his single "Black Metal". Apparently he met a girl at a bar one night and found out later while checking her Facebook and Instagram that she was a total satanist and therefore decided to write a song about her.
Anyways if you like the Robert Francis kind of modern singer-songwriters, Max Jury will be right up your street. So check out his music below, you can also follow him on Instagram @maxwelljury where he documents his tour. 

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