Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Ode to: Nürnberg Pop

About the Festival

On the 25th of October Nuremberg Pop happened for the 4th time! Ok you have probably no idea what I am talking about so lets explain that. Nuremberg Pop is a club festival taking place in my hometown Nuremberg as the name might suggest. Over 50 acts, in about 20 different venues, in one night only all over the historic city.
Local and international acts came together to perform in the museum, a church, the corner pub. 
Don't get tricked by the name it's not all about pop music. You'll find a great variety of music: indie, pop, electro, rock, punk, singer-songwriter, folk, soul.

What you should listen to:

The Festival Experience

Nuremberg has seriously caught up with berlin in terms of coolness i believe :D
Nuremberg Pop can totally keep up with bigger club festivals such as the Reeperbahnfestival.
the atmosphere was amazing, very intimate due to small venues and just great musicians.
Also lot of local German newcomers one shouldn't underestimate!

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