Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beauty: Burgundy - The Autumn Neutral

When ever autumn comes around we all bring out those burgundy shades. The deep and dark red nail polishes, just not quite black, and the vampy dark lips.
Personally I am perfectly fine with that, I love it.
I mean I'm mostly wearing monochrome throughout the year, but especially in the colder season it's mostly black interrupted by a cozy cream knit sweater here and there for me. The deep bloody colors just seem to go with that perfectly. For me burgundy has become a neutral. It goes with everything for me, dark hair, pale skin, black clothes. 

Every time I want to paint my nails I always go back to Essie's Wicked. For me the perfect edgy but still somehow classy oxblood shade.


I have been loving the MAC Viva Glam I, a matte dark red for the last few years, but I have found a similar shade, which is much easier to wear. MAC's Party Line! It's one of their creme sheen lipsticks, so a more moisturizing formula, which is particularly gentle on those chapped winter lips.


Now If you have a rather rosy complexion and light eyes you may want to be a little bit careful with the reddy eyeshadows, to avoid a sickish look. But especially for those of us with brown eyes I think burgundy is one of the few rather "colorful" shades you can easily wear on an everyday basis. Plus I actually think it is true that it brings out your eye color and makes them pop. For me this is as colorful as it's gonna get around my eyeball area.
My favorites: Kiko's Infinity eyeshadows in 234 (left) and 243 (right).

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