Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Places: Minimarkt

Hamburg 2014_1309n

Bartelsstraße 37
20357 Hamburg

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Something I love about Copenhagen and Stockholm are all the little department stores which sell a selection of  small designers and independent brands. It's such a nice change to all the high street chains you usually find in in every city. Of course these stores are particularly amazing in Scandinavia since they sell all the amazing Scandinavian designers!
But I have finally found a store with the same vibe! Minimarkt in Hamburg in the "Schanzenviertel".
They sell a lot of danish design home decor, classics, COMME des GARÇONS accessories and Wood Wood clothing for both men and women.
It's a beautiful place to find inspiration for your own place and maybe some DIYs, too.
Definitely check out the store if you're nearby! 

Bartelsstraße 37
20357 Hamburg

Sternschanze Station

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