Sunday, May 17, 2015

Places : Himmel im Herzen


Himmel im Herzen
Gustavstraße 6
90762 Fürth

Fürth Rathaus Station U1
Mo-Fr  11-18
Sa  10-16

If you are looking for a present whether it may be for your loved ones or for yourself - cause actually I would be happy to keep all of the beautiful things in this store for myself - You're just in the right place at "Himmel im Herzen" which means as much as "Heaven in your Heart" in German. The owners Tabea Siegel and Michael Neumair sell their own Designed postcards as well as the works of local artists and creatives. The  assortment changes quite quickly so it never gets boring and every item is limited. You will basically find amazing new items whenever you pop into the shop!

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