Sunday, May 24, 2015

Places : Prague a 3 Day Guide

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Day 1

14:00 - Arrival in Prague

14:30 - Lunch at Soup in the City >Website
Super cheap amazing food and great interior. We got some soup, quiche and drinks for under 8€

15:30 - Pick me up coffee at EMA Espresso Bar > Website
Really good coffee and cake to get energized again!
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16:00 - Check in at our AirBnB home > find it here
AMAZING value for money, plus the host was insanely helpful and friendly! 30€ per night.

17:00 - Off to Petřín Lookout Tower
Entrance for Students is about 65 CZK (2,50€) total bargain and totally worth the seemingly endless amount of steps
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19:00 - Sunset at Charles Bridge
Yes, it is touristy, BUT it's just beautiful!

Day 2

10:00 - Kafka Museum
Probably only really interesting if you have some knowledge about Kafka and his works already and/or you understand German. But especially the second part of the exhibition is really good. Entrance is 120 CZK (4,50€) for Students and 200 CZK regularly.

13:00 - Lunch Cukrkávalimonáda > Website
Such a cute little Restaurant with a great variety of pastry and deserts as well as all kinds of salads. We got some soup (again), hot drinks and a crepe for under 15€
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15:00 - Kampa Museum & Website
on our way there we quite accidentally passed the "John Lennon Wall" not really worth an extra visit if you ask me. The Museum on the other hand was absolutely amazing, with mostly exhibitions of modern czech artists! Entrance for the whole Museum is 100 CZK (3,80€) for students and 200 CZK for adults - SO worth it!

21:00 - Concert Time: Is Tropical - Support: Many Things!
Now the reason we wanted to go to Prague in the first place was this concert! We love Many Things (can check out a whole post of me rambling about it here) and when we saw that they were touring with Is Tropical we were all in!
IMG_1536 IMG_1546 IMG_1470nn

Day 3

11:00 - Gallery Miro
the Entrance is free and we were just waiting for the Library to open, but the painting they had in there at that time were really cool!
_B3A3121n _B3A3127n

12:00 - Strahov Monastery
Now they try to charge you for everything! You even have to pay an extra fee to take photos, It really is quite an impressive image you cant really go inside the Library anyways so all you get ist the one picture everyone gets, that you'll also find all over the internet. However if you don't want to spent too much I'd say you can skip this one.
_B3A3162m _B3A3147n _B3A3153n

14:00 - Spanish Synagogue
Also one of the many super-touristy things in the old Jewish quarter. We initially wated to see the old cemetery but that was almost 600 CZK so we went to the Spanish Synagogue instead which was about 150 CZK.

16:00 - Dinner at Lokal > Website

They serve lokal food there which is really tasty and great value for money in a modern ambient, plus you'll probably always get a table.
_B3A3213m _B3A3231m _B3A3176m

17:00 - Stationary Shopping at Papelote
This is a must for all you stationary and paper lovers out there, I could have spent days in there! Papelote is a young czech design brand with amazing ideas! you can even do workshops in their studio.
Pic via

21:00 - Drinks at Bar & Books
Now there were other germans sitting right next to us and you could pay in euros, so i guess it wasn't really like a lokal's tip, but the drinks were amazing, like seriously divine. We paid under 35€ for 4 drinks and a huge club sandwich. Also it wasn't to fancy, in a way that i would make you feel uncomfortable.


  1. It's funny because I've lived in Prague my whole life and I've only ever visited like one place that you mentioned here, seriously! But most of the restaurants/cafe I've heard of (as being really hipster haha) and some of them I've been planning to go to... Also, I've wanted to go to the Jewish Quarter for ages as the last time I've been was ages ago. How come that locals never do the tourist-y things in their hometown? By the way, the pictures are super pretty! Especially the one with the Petřín Tower view. x

  2. Ah wie schön, das macht mir auch total Lust auf Prag! Danke für die tollen tipps :)