Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pen & Paper Talents : Juliabe Illustration


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Why do you draw/paint/Illustrate and when did you start?

I'm an illustrator because it makes me the happiest. Simple as it sounds, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than an afternoon spent painting on my desk. And instead of when did I start, I'd rather say I never stopped drawing. When I was a kid, I really loved drawing and I wanted to be a painter when I grew up. All through my high school years I used to read lots of comic books and spend the days drawing my favorite characters, learning how to replicate the expressions, poses… However, it took me years to learn I could make a career out of my passion. I studied Communications in University, and spent a few years working in advertising. Meanwhile, I kept illustrating, learning new techniques, doing small illustration jobs, until I finally had the guts to establish as a full time freelance illustrator. 


Did you go to a special school or are you a self taught artist?

I took some painting lessons when I was a teenager, but aside from that, I'm completely self taught. I learnt using watercolors with a book, and basically by trial and error. It's fun to make mistakes and experiment! But sometimes I wish I had attended illustration school, I'm sure it would've taken me less time to figure some things out.


When/where do you feel the most creative/inspired?

I feel the most creative when I travel. Seeing new places, things and faces is the most inspiring thing, I always come back full of ideas. That, and being around nature. Last year I visited Finland with some friends and it was amazing, I came back in full creative mode.


Analogue vs. Digital do you prefer pencil and paper or graphic pad?

I think I enjoy both equally. When I sketch just for fun, I always use pencil and paper, it feels more natural to me. But I also work a lot with Photoshop and a Cintiq, it's the most convenient medium when doing work for clients. It lets me experiment a lot with color and composition, and well, it was the huge advantage of having an UNDO button. Painting with watercolors and gouache, however, forces you to be super focused, as it allows no mistakes. I really love that feeling. You have to give the 100%. 

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Find Julia:

Instagram : @juliabe
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  1. Saucool! Sieht sehr schön aus, was sie macht. Ich finde das immer wieder faszinierend, wenn jemand so malen kann, dass die Figuren zwar nicht realitätsnah aussehen, aber trotzdem richtig gut.

  2. such a brilliant babe