Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Places to Eat: Cafe Bergbrand


Cafe Bergbrand
Weißgerbergasse 38
90403 Nürnberg
Mo-Sa 8-20

If you are into proper good coffee, you will love this! Even me being more of a tea person, I really enjoyed having a cup of freshly brewed coffee at Nuremberg's newest Cafe : Bergbrand!
Industrial design lovers will find a "happy place" here as well, since the interior is just on point! 
We're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll soon get the permission to set up some seats in front of the cafe as well, cause the location will be perfect to spend a warm summers eve. 

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  1. Oha endlich wieder ein Café mit richtig gutem Kaffee 😍
    Haben die auch Flat White ?? :-)