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Pen & Paper Talents : Cote Delpiano Labra


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Why do you draw/paint/Illustrate and when did you start?

I do it because it makes me happy, I enjoy illustration in general and it is something that I look forward to improve because I never get bored of it. I started to draw as soon as I could grab a pen with my tiny hands, My parents even put some kind of whiteboard on a door so I could draw and then erase and start again. I became more interested in developing my skills when I was around 15 but I started with portraits, which was fun but I couldn't develop my imagination and creativity because I was always basing my art on pictures. So I decided that I would start to create characters from scratch I started to draw boys and girls and lots of cats, and that's how I discovered that I wanted to illustrate, as well as getting inspiration, especially from picture books, animations and other illustrators.

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Did you go to a special school or are you a self taught artist?

I am a self tought artist, here in my country (Chile) is quite hard to live from art, unless you become a teacher, and I didn't want to teach art I wanted to make it. So actually I'm finishing my major in English Literature and Linguistics, which helped a lot with my english and literature background.


When/where do you feel the most creative/inspired?

Usually after watching illustrations from other artist I get ideas, and also from hearing conversations,watching films, music, or just imaginig things, trying to think as a kid always helps. But usually creativity and inspiration come by surprise and I have to draw and draw until I get it out of my system, although sometimes the more I draw the more ideas I get.

IMG_7029n Analogue vs. Digital do you prefer pencil and paper or graphic pad?

 Definetely Analogue, I love drawing, I love pens, pencils, markers I love to feel the materials and even though I have to retouch images digitally I try to keep them as close to the original illustration as possible, so I just brighten them or make the colors contrast more. Hopefully I'll get the hang of photoshop as I practice but I don't really enjoy using it.

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