Monday, September 14, 2015

An Ode to : Rangleklods


The obligatory MacBook and a humongous mixing desk with dozens of knobs, buttons and faders were already all set up on a small stage, when I entered the club. 
Tonights act : Danish electronic artist Rangleklods. 
There is no purpose in looking for a guitar but trust me you won't miss it. 
Esben Andersson, which is Rangleklods real name, lived in Berlin for quite a while before moving back to Denmark. For him Berlin was a great place to start off something new but not to bring something to a termination. 

While the venue filled up rather slowly, the dance floor was immediately packed as soon as Rangleklods entered the stage. Danish Design fans, Scandinavian studies students and hipsters with wool beanies, nodding and shrugging to the beat, which Esben and his partner Pernille virtuosly mix together. 

He evokes the flickering light on his mixing desk and animates the crowd.
The music may be called electro but is much more melodic than what I would usually expect from this genre. The kind of music I'd add (actually have added) to my "chill epically" playlist, up there with Woodkid and Bastille, but just quite a bit different. Maybe like my father said when I had him listen to some of their songs, kind of similar to Depeche Mode's more electronic phase. 
Their second album "Straitjacket" came out this year and you should definitely listen to it or go to one of their concerts this fall they will be touring through Europe starting in October!

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What you HAVE TO SEE!

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  1. Total mein Ding, danke für diese Bereicherung! (ich liebe aber auch Depeche Mode haha)