Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An Ode to : Reeperbahn Festival

Hamburg 2014_1199festival 

While interning in Hamburg last summer, I found myself with a bottle of Astra in my hand one hot September night in some bar at Schanze. Being the nervous person I am I started reading what the back of the bottle said, while my friend was in the bathroom and noticed that it had an ad for some festival on it. After a few second I realised that this festival was supposed to take place next week - here in Hamburg. Apparently the name of the festival stuck with me and first thing next morning I typed "Reeperbahn Festival" into Google to find out what it was all about.
I quickly found out that it was a "Club Festival" with concert locations all over the famous Reeperbahn and was known for featuring loads of promising new comers.
Well last year we got to see acts like Hozier and Years & Years in small venues only capable of holding about 100 people and it was an amazing experience!

Hamburg 2014_1157

This year's lineup is so fierce it hurts,  just because there are so many cool acts performing you know you wont be able to see all of them!
 Some of my personal faves from this years lineup are:

Mikky Ekko
Denai Moore
The Migrant
Say Yes Dog
Jarryd James
Kid Wave
Kelvin Jones
Half Moon Run
Your Gay Thoughts
Tom Klose
Lucy Rose
Oh Wonder
Riot od Colours
Vita Bergen
Wooden Sky
Freddie Dickson

And yes - this is a ridiculously long list and No - this is not even everything and Yes - I know I won't be able so hear them all and it breaks my heart!

Hamburg 2014_1059n
Hamburg 2014_1231 Hamburg 2014_0791 Hamburg 2014_1017

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