Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Mikky Ekko

If you are anywhere between the age of 13-27 and into John Green novels, chances are that you have heard this song here. If you don't you may know this from his duett with Rihanna for their song "Stay". So his song Smile was part of the "Paper Towns" soundtrack and Mikky Ekko got a lot of attention due to his collaboration with Rhianna, BUT he just released his first roper album and I think we don't have to be afraid he'll be a one hit pony! Songs like "Pull me Down" and "Love me Crazy" have proper ear worm potential, so if you can get your hands on tickets to see him life this fall on his tour, do it before they sell out! _B3A0630
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This little power packet of a woman was just straight up amazing! With a pink pixie and gold holographic shorts, she had me as soon as she stepped on the tiny stage at PrinzenBar. The stage performance which basically consisted of her and two dancers as her personal cheerleaders - Fantastic! Her single S.O.S. - Already stuck in my head! So overall definitely a young talent and great entertainer, I hope to see and hear more of! #GIRLPOWER
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The Migrant

Now this Band basically exists in Two versions, a danish and a texan one. No matter which one you get to see perform, you'll get psychedelic folk with that 70's vibe al a Fleet Foxes and Robert Francis and you will love it! It's songs like "Climbers" that I want to listen to while on a road trip through americas west.
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Jonas Alaska

Not actually from Alaska but from Norway now living in Liverpool, Jonas proper surname is Aslaksen. He must me my favorite find from my first festival day. He is the perfect fit for your autumn playlist along with Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons (their old stuff). During the Reeperbahn festival I saw him perform in the Imperial theatre which was just the most magical location for his kind of music. You can hear that he gets his musical inspiration from legends like Bob Dylan in his more quiet songs as well as in the more upbeat tunes, which he both does so well!
So all in all definitely an addition to my playlist and hopefully to yours as well!_B3A1113 _B3A1100 _B3A1120

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