Friday, October 9, 2015


Music Finds

Fickle Friends

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If you are in for some "8tracks-esque LA positive vibes" you've just found your new morning playlist! With their single "Swim" the band from Bath definitely hit the festival nerve this summer and over a million clicks.


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Definitely one of my new favorite bands! The Belgian musicians released their third album "Thin Walls" this year and are currently touring Europe - So check them out if you get the chance to! While their songs range from electro pop to arrangements including what sounds like a whole orchestra, their work as a whole still seems coherent and harmonious. Even the bible references, starting with their name, run though their music like a golden thread.

Oh Wonder

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For me this duo from London is basically a combination of the two German bands BOY and Talking to Turtles! Josephine Vander Gucht und Anthony West are both classically trained musicians, which we can see in the arrangements of strings, winds and piano, mixed with synth beats. All together definitely hit potential! Their very first album was released only a moth ago and is besides "Technicolor beat" full of beautiful tunes worth checking out!


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If you've ever stepped foot in a Hollister shop of found yourself on tumblr, you will know at least one of their songs, probably "A Rush of Blood". With their 90's aesthetic and indie sound they got quite some attentions in the past festival season. The talents from Bristol, England, are yet to release their first proper album and we should keep an eye out for it!

Cosmo Sheldrake

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Now this last one is a proper WUNDERKIND! Turning every possible sound into a tune that's sure to be stuck in your head for weeks, Cosmo Sheldrake is one of the musician with wich one is just like "why the hell is this not in the top 10??"- Especially with songs like "Rich" and "The Moss"!
Whether it's the sound of a coral rief or a sheep, Sheldrake turns it into a song! Doing a lot of impro during his show using sounds from his archive and nothing but his voice the curly works a lot with what seem like phones rather than actual words or lyrics. Definitely worth a listen!

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  1. Oh ich liebeliebeliebe Balthazar. Seit 2012 laufen die bei mir rauf und runter. :)