Sunday, April 24, 2016

Skin : Caolion #perfectpores Review


Step 1n Step 2n Step 3n Step 4n Step 5 Step 6

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  1. dear olympia,

    i loved this post so much! the layout is wonderful and the products too! my routine is kinda the same with different products, but i clearly don't use a mask every night and never had some experiences with overnight masks. recently i switched to natural products since i also try to eat more vegan and get a bit healthier! i really noticed a difference with a steady routine, i think that's half the... what do you say, half the price? i don't know, but i'm sure you know what i mean.

    i will have a look on the peach & lily website, but although the products doesn't seem to be something for me (i really need products that moisturize a LOT!), but i loved this post.

    i'm excited for all your upcoming work, wether it's on the blog or on youtube.